2020-05-24 23:38:42

About Us

After years of conducting business in the used electronics industry, our founders recognized a need for a safer, more reliable way to trade. TekCommerce was developed with the sole purpose of providing a safer and more centralized industry for retailers, wholesalers, and distributors large and small.

TekCommerce offers the essential tools for traders to efficiently find new verified contacts across the globe. With a revolutionized trading floor, we combat unreasonable pricing and promote fair trade, lowering the cost and risk of doing business.

Traders need a place where deals come first, and safety concerns are a thought of the past. We created this platform as a means for product to move, no more high priced goods and low ball offers, market equilibrium is our goal.

Matt Fleming | Brian Landis

Founders of TekCommerce

Why TekCommerce?

  • Safety

    Members must pass an extensive background check before being verified to prevent fraudulent transactions. Our safety officers continuously investigate members daily to prevent not only fraud, but also unreliable traders. Pier to pier feedback also allows for dealers to access reviews of past transaction history. With these extensive safety measures we eliminate the hassle of constantly having to worry about fraudulent transactions so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Features

    - Integrated PO/Invoicing System
    - Best Offers
    - Dealer Search
    - Trade News Updates
    - Trade Forum
    - Trader Feedback
    - Verified Dealers

  • Low Cost Membership

    Don't waste money and time spending hundreds, or even thousands, on expensive networking sites. We offer an affordable monthly fee that is less expensive than most trading platforms on the market. We believe safely conducting business should be affordable and available to all dealers big and small.

  • Member Diversity

    Tekcommerce was created with the sole purpose of promoting trade. We therefore recognized the need for a diverse network of not only wholesalers, but also retailers and distributors. With our diverse membership, we strive to have a buyer for every item, quantity, and price.