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Version Date: May 12, 2017

To all of our members,

Our mission is to serve you in the best way possible. In order to address your needs and deliver customer satisfaction to the highest standard, we have designed a strict privacy policy to protect your privacy in the best way we see fit.

The tekcommerce.com Privacy Policy applies to any information supplied by you (“the member”) and collected by tekcommerce.com from you (“the member”) upon signing up for our website. To create transparency within our business, we disclose our privacy policy practices to ensure you that we have your best interests at heart. We understand the importance of protecting our member’s privacy. The tekcommerce.com Privacy Policy outlined below is honored by all of our employees, non-professional users, and you (and your company that you own or represent). This privacy policy indicates the information that we collect from you (“the member”) and how tekcommerce.com uses this information. By joining tekcommerce.com you consent to our Privacy Policy and understand that this policy governs your use of the tekcommerce.com site. Any terms not outlined in the tekcommerce.com Privacy Policy are attributed to in the Terms of Use Agreement between you (“the member”) and TekCom LLC and its affiliate companies, including tekcommerce.com, upon signing up to be a member of tekcommerce.com in which you agree to accept.

    1. Use and Collection of Information
      1. Upon registering for tekcommerce.com, you will be required to fill out a sign up form detailing your name, company name, company address, phone/fax number, email address, business registration number and other personal information regarding your business.
      2. By submitting any information to be published on tekcommerce.com via our publishing tools such as dealer profile, product inventory, blog comments, forum, following other members and leaving feedback; you have given consent to publication of this information.
      3. Once you establish a membership, make a purchase from us or another member of tekcommerce.com, we may collect additional information such as billing information, bank account/routing info, and credit card numbers and expiration dates.
      4. Tekcommerce.com collects statistical information about its users such as IP addresses, browsers, pages viewed, and number of users, etc. to improve the user experience on our site by highlighting market trends and behavior.
      5. The information collected from cookies and explained in sub-sections a-d of Section I: Use and Collection of Information will be referred to as “Gathered Information.”
    2. How We May Use Your Information
      1. In general, tekcommerce.com may use your Gathered Information to improve our marketing and promotions, analyze site usage, assess data trends, and deliver more tailored content quality to our users. Your Gathered Information can also be used to provide better customer service to you (“the member”) in order to address and solve issues associated with your account. tekcommerce.com does not rent, sell, or trade a member’s information that could be personally identifying. We may use your Gathered Information for marketing and advertising campaigns sponsored by third parties but your Gathered Information will not be shared with the third party unless you respond to the marketing or advertising campaign messages sent by the third party.
      2. In regards to your registration information (Section I, subsection a), tekcommerce.com may reach out to you via your email or phone for surveys, product alerts, new site features, product offerings, upcoming promotions, and trade updates relevant to our site. We may use this information for market analysis and data trends to further help us enrich the content provided on tekcommerce.com for all of its members.
      3. Anything that you (“the member”) publish on tekcommerce.com becomes publicly available and you relinquish any proprietary rights (including copyright and confidentiality rights) to that information once it is posted (See Section I, subsection b).
      4. Tekcommerce.com will share your payment info (outlined in Section I, subsection c) to banks or vendors relevant to the transaction to enable its completion. We do not maintain electronic and paper copies of your credit card information. While tekcommerce.com does have security measures to ensure that your payment info is safe, we cannot perfectly secure your payment info from all types of theft, loss, or misuse. Tekcommerce.com is not liable to you or any other person for any damages that may result from unauthorized use, publication, disclosure, or other misuse of payment info, including credit card information.
      5. Statistical info collected (outlined in Section I, subsection d) will be used to help solve any issues with our site and help provide data trends to tailor marketing campaigns to our members. We may give this info to third parties, but we will not release personal-identifying information to these third parties without a member’s permission.
    3. Disclosure of Information
      1. Any member that is infringing or threatening to infringe upon the rights of tekcommerce.com, its members, customers, partners and affiliates or anyone else associated with tekcommerce.com will have their Gathered Information disclosed to the necessary parties in order to identify, contact, and/or bring legal action against this member.
      2. If there is a judicial order or subpoena for a member and tekcommerce.com feels disclosure of a member’s Gathered Information is required by law, regulation, or executive order of any court, governmental or regulatory authority, then tekcommerce.com reserves the right to release said Gathered Information.
      3. If we determine that a member breaches our Terms Of Agreement, Privacy policy or other agreements, then we reserve the right to release the Gathered Information of said member publicly to pursue legal action in order to protect tekcommerce.com, its members, affiliates, and partners.
    4. Partnerships and Affiliations
      1. We have established partnerships or affiliations with other parties that offer products or services we do not offer. We provide access to these parties via hyperlinks from our website or via banners and messages in your account center. Please note that partners’ or affiliates’ privacy policies may differ from tekcommerce.com’s Privacy Policy and we encourage you to read theirs before purchasing any products, services, or promotions that they may be offering.
    5. Minors
      1. Tekcommerce.com provides its trading floor and services to users that are 18 or older, are involved in international trade, and is not meant for minors. tekcommerce.com is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and does not register or collect any information by a minor, under the age of 18.
    6. Cookies
      1. Tekcommerce.com utilizes “cookies” to store a user’s Gathered Information for quick access later and reduce the need for the user to re-enter some Gathered Information later on such as log-in credentials or payment info, etc. A cookie is a small piece of data stored on a member’s hard drive that contains info about said member that is sent from your browser. We use cookies to track members’ Gathered Information, site usage, and participation in promotions and advertising campaigns.
      2. You can configure your browser to disable cookies so we cannot track the information stated above, however this may reduce your ability to use some of the features of our site if you decide to reject all cookies from tekcommerce.com.
    7. Security
      1. We have implemented security methods to strongly aid in the prevention of unauthorized access and misuse of information to a member’s Gathered Information. We take every precaution to protect all of our user’s Gathered Information and keep it as secure as possible at a third party hosting company. In order to further protect your Gathered Information, we ask that you do not share your password with anyone. Our employees will never ask you for your password. Also, we recommend not remaining signed in on a browser especially if you share a computer with others or are logged into a public computer in a public place. In this day and age, our company, along with others, cannot guarantee that the transmission of your data via the Internet or wireless networks to us is perfectly secure. Therefore any information you transmit to us you do so at your own risk.
    8. Privacy Policy Changes
      1. All amendments and changes to this Privacy Policy will be communicated to all members of tekcommerce.com via posting an amended and restated Privacy Policy on this page. Once tekcommerce.com posts the amended Privacy Policy, all changes will go into effect immediately. As a member it is your responsibility to check up on this page regularly. You consent that all Gathered Information collected by tekcommerce.com before or after the new policy was instated will be governed by the most recently amended Privacy Policy that is in effect. If you do not agree to the most recent changes in the Privacy Policy, you need to contact tekcommerce.com in writing to our mailing address outlined in the footer of our web page and request that tekcommerce.com return and/or destroy all copies of all or part of your Gathered Information in tekcommerce.com’s possession. This privacy was last amended May 12, 2017.
    9. Correcting Your Account Information
      1. If you need to change your account info such as your company name, address, payment info, phone number, etc. sign into your account and click “Edit Profile” from the drop down menu at the top right corner of the page.
    10. Questions?
      Contact Us
      1. We greatly appreciate all of our members’ feedback and encourage it! If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to Contact Us.